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It’s alive…

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Ok, Ok, I get it, I am a terrible wedding blogger.
I have failed all of my readers that hang on my every word, which is … none of you.
But, I’m back.

Wedding plans are coming along swimmingly.
The bride is venturing to France on Saturday for a week, lucky girl, and I have been put in charge of trying to get bridesmaid dresses ordered, planning the shower and making birds that resemble these:

Vows and Birds by Our Labor of Love

Luckily the bride has some wonderful besties that are helping me plan the shower and the lady-like bachelorette party. I just have so many ideas that are currently unrealistic as I plan six hours away from the funding (the parents) for the shower.
Anyways, good news, I bought my maid-of-honor dress today. I’m calling it that, rather than bridesmaid dress, because it is a big deal to me, and I do feel honored. Also, it is a beautiful dress that went on sale for $100 off two days before buying it, I got lucky. I also want to call it my maid-of-honour dress, because adding u’s to words make them seem more important.

Erin and Jeremy are anxiously awaiting their day. They are very ready!

Oh, I forgot to mention, I saw the venue two weeks ago, amazing.
Erin will look absolutely breathtaking walking down the aisle in the rustic barn of Union Hill Inn.
I cannot wait! It is so soon!

[quick side note, the bride (Erin) is in an incredible folk duo with Joshua Colburn (an incredibly talented man of God) and their cd is FINALLY out on itunes, they are Ivory Owl check them out this instant, they are amazing.]

Be checking their blog, they update about all of the fun parts of their engagement … the parties, the gifts, the parent meetings.

Oh yes, you may be interested in these:

By Casey of Casey Mackenzie Photography

I solemnly swear to write more, and post more photos once the ball continues to roll.

Always a bridesmaid, never the bride, (kidding)
Yours truly,
the (slightly more than normal) frantic wedding planner.


Ok guys, here are some photos about love.

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Erin Jer 1KitchenLOVElovesfeetzkisssun2Jeremyspatulalove4jerin8kitchhhkitchhh3

March 13.

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Its official! March 13, 2010 Erin will be walking down the aisle of the Union Hill Inn barn in Sonora, Ca to marry Jeremy.

They picked the place, and the date! (In case that wasn’t obvious)


Union Hill Inn by Jeremy Hohengarten


Union Hill Inn by Jeremy Hohengarten

This weekend I will be traveling to the Bay Area to take their engagement photos, and I cannot wait to share them with you all!

Erin is starting to feel the stress, which means that it will soon be mine. We have barely over four months to make this thing amazing.

Now they have to figure out the photographer. This is huge. While they think, I’ll let you, the reader, fantasize about your own wedding while taking some looks at some amazing photographs by even more amazing photographers who inspire me daily.

The first is Jonas Peterson.

He is a Brisbane based wedding photojournalist. AND HE IS AMAZING. In my dreams, he will take my wedding photos.


by Jonas Peterson


by Jonas Peterson

The amazing wedding blog snippet & ink features Jonas Peterson often. And you MUST look at his site, weekly.

There is something about full sized photos on photoblogs that makes my heart melt.

I also adore Mark Brooke Photography. (Grads of my school!) They are a talented duo, and take beautifully unique photos.

A photographer I have recently become a fan of is Sarah Yates. I want to live inside of all of her photos. This engagement shoot was recently featured on Ruffled.


by Sarah Yates

Check out one of my best friends! Look at Kelly Boitano‘s photoblog and flickr. She is at Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts and, if it is even possible, is getting better daily. I am constantly amazed by her incredible photos, and also miss her terribly.

The last is a good friend of mine and Erin’s who is recently starting her own photography business, and has some absolutely lovely engagement shots. Check out Casey Johnson‘s new photoblog!

Alright, I’m leaving you with those. Go, drool, love.

Oh yes, happy November.

My apologies

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Oh my dear readers,

I apologize for my delayed post. I have been so swamped with real life that I tend forget to live in the fantastical world of weddings that I truly belong in.

I feel like I have forgotten to formally introduce you to the happy couple. So, here they are: The future Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy and Erin Hohengarten.


In this moment, my heart swells with love.

As I am typing this I am watching Love Actually, particularly the wedding scene. Aside from the fact that Keira Knightley is wearing a sham of a wedding dress, the wedding is gorgeous. To have a choir sing and a band surprisingly play “All you need is love” would make a wedding entirely memorable. Sometimes I dream of my wedding with a scenario as such. Then I remember that movies are different than real life with reason … worst reception ever!

Anyways, onto the real life wedding that I do get to make decisions about, Erin and Jeremy may have found the venue this week! They are debating between two, and I urge you to help them make their decision.

(Photos by Jeremy Hohengarten-Still Musician)

The first option is The Piedmont Community Center. A beautiful center, located about 30 minutes or less from where both the bride and groom live currently. The center is equipped with windows that could make for absolutely inspirational lighting.

Piedmont Community Center

Piedmont Community Center

The second is, well, pretty incredible. It is the Union Hill Inn in Sonora, California. Unfortunately, this location is two hours from the brides home and family, but it is the hometown of the groom. This venue includes the entire barn and inn. It is insanely gorgeous and almost exactly what the bride has imagined.

Union Hill Inn

Union Hill Inn

So, please leave comments, give me your thoughts. They will be shared with the bride and groom who are just itching to get this all sorted out and planned.

I am so excited for this process!

Just remember, readers, that love is real, and so great. I’m in it, Erin and Jeremy are in it, it is a good place to be. So, dwell in that, and get ready for more updates on the wedding of a lifetime.

“Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it’s always there – fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge – they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaking suspision love actually is all around.”

-Hugh Grant, Love Actually

Remember in the end, when Aurelia and Jamie learn each others languages in hopes that the other one will think of them and love them forever? Well, this wedding is going to be even better than that moment, I promise.

Love, always always love,

Emily, the wedding planner.

Trudy’s Brides

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Wedding dress shopping is similar to what I think Heaven is like. Everything is white, and fluffy, and its full of incredibly happy people, well mainly women…and I hope that’s not what Heaven is like.

To me, wedding dresses are the epitome of beauty. Even the ugliest of wedding dresses can make anyone look like a queen.

On Saturday, at Trudy’s Brides in Campbell, Ca, my sister was that queen.

The Blushing Bride

The Blushing Bride

Dress Option 1

Option 2.

Man, she looks good in all of them. She was of course the perfect sample size.

Don’t worry, the groom still won’t see the one she picked. It will not make its way on here until the wedding day. And man, is it gorgeous! Lace, vintage, perfect, unique…She will be the most stunning bride in all of the world this…March?

I still have to post photos from the first venue, but delight in her beauty first.

She may kill me for putting this one up.

Anyways, keep on loving, and keep on brainstorming for this wedding, and for your own one day.

Love, the wedding planner.

My first official day.

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Today, I got to be the maid of honor for the first time.

We looked at a venue. The incredible Boaventura Winery in Livermore. It is beautiful and has a gorgeous red barn. (Photos to come soon) This vineyard was recently featured in this months Brides Northern California. It is still an option for us, but slightly more of a dream. A March wedding could bring early April showers, therefore an outdoor wedding is slightly risky.

Then, we dressed shopped.

It was glorious. We may have found the one. Its also possible that we just found one that could be the one. But it sure was gorgeous. I will not link to a photo of the dress, because that would just not be fair to the bride.

Currently wedding magazines are my best friends. Together we smile, laugh and look fondly on others weddings, and dream of their insane and unimaginable budgets that could feed a small country.

Erin (the bride) is doing a great job not being Bridezilla. Which, especially since the wedding is still six months away, is a very good thing. I, on the other hand, am becoming Wedding plannerzilla. Not in the mean sense, I just am slightly more excited than almost any other human being ever is about someone elses wedding.

If you are reading this and now just filled with wedding thoughts that you cannot pry out of your brain, indulge yourself in my guilty pleasures…(click on photos to see sites)

Our Labor of Love-Incredible wedding photographers

Our Labor of Love-Incredible wedding photographers

Lela Rose Wedding Collection

Lela Rose Wedding Collection

Papel Picado by Ay Mujer!

Papel Picado by Ay Mujer!

Addicted to The Knot

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I joined The Knot last night, as I was struck with wedding planner insomnia. The Knot gives a gigantic month by month checklist.

Apparently, before November 5th, I, along with Erin and Jeremy, need to finalize the guest list, think about how the bride wants her hair, find a caterer, venue and wedding cake/dessert, finish and send out save the dates, find and order the dress, find the bridesmaid dresses, decide on the photographer, finalize invitations, decide on flowers, figure out the rehearsal-dinner site, and book the honeymoon, just to name a few things. (This is less than 1/4 of the checklist, mind you).

My goal is to get the venue finalized this week. Erin (the bride) is on the hunt, I think she just needs a bit more motivation.

This wedding is slightly unique, since both the bride and groom have chosen the vegan lifestyle. We are working to find venues that will allow us to choose our own caterer.

The process has definitely started, but is panning out so far in clouds of brainstorm and creativity.

Photos and ideas to come soon.

Thanks for checking in,

Emily, the stress-case wedding planner.