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Trudy’s Brides

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Wedding dress shopping is similar to what I think Heaven is like. Everything is white, and fluffy, and its full of incredibly happy people, well mainly women…and I hope that’s not what Heaven is like.

To me, wedding dresses are the epitome of beauty. Even the ugliest of wedding dresses can make anyone look like a queen.

On Saturday, at Trudy’s Brides in Campbell, Ca, my sister was that queen.

The Blushing Bride

The Blushing Bride

Dress Option 1

Option 2.

Man, she looks good in all of them. She was of course the perfect sample size.

Don’t worry, the groom still won’t see the one she picked. It will not make its way on here until the wedding day. And man, is it gorgeous! Lace, vintage, perfect, unique…She will be the most stunning bride in all of the world this…March?

I still have to post photos from the first venue, but delight in her beauty first.

She may kill me for putting this one up.

Anyways, keep on loving, and keep on brainstorming for this wedding, and for your own one day.

Love, the wedding planner.


My first official day.

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Today, I got to be the maid of honor for the first time.

We looked at a venue. The incredible Boaventura Winery in Livermore. It is beautiful and has a gorgeous red barn. (Photos to come soon) This vineyard was recently featured in this months Brides Northern California. It is still an option for us, but slightly more of a dream. A March wedding could bring early April showers, therefore an outdoor wedding is slightly risky.

Then, we dressed shopped.

It was glorious. We may have found the one. Its also possible that we just found one that could be the one. But it sure was gorgeous. I will not link to a photo of the dress, because that would just not be fair to the bride.

Currently wedding magazines are my best friends. Together we smile, laugh and look fondly on others weddings, and dream of their insane and unimaginable budgets that could feed a small country.

Erin (the bride) is doing a great job not being Bridezilla. Which, especially since the wedding is still six months away, is a very good thing. I, on the other hand, am becoming Wedding plannerzilla. Not in the mean sense, I just am slightly more excited than almost any other human being ever is about someone elses wedding.

If you are reading this and now just filled with wedding thoughts that you cannot pry out of your brain, indulge yourself in my guilty pleasures…(click on photos to see sites)

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