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Trudy’s Brides

Posted in Uncategorized by fromiwilltoido on October 14, 2009

Wedding dress shopping is similar to what I think Heaven is like. Everything is white, and fluffy, and its full of incredibly happy people, well mainly women…and I hope that’s not what Heaven is like.

To me, wedding dresses are the epitome of beauty. Even the ugliest of wedding dresses can make anyone look like a queen.

On Saturday, at Trudy’s Brides in Campbell, Ca, my sister was that queen.

The Blushing Bride

The Blushing Bride

Dress Option 1

Option 2.

Man, she looks good in all of them. She was of course the perfect sample size.

Don’t worry, the groom still won’t see the one she picked. It will not make its way on here until the wedding day. And man, is it gorgeous! Lace, vintage, perfect, unique…She will be the most stunning bride in all of the world this…March?

I still have to post photos from the first venue, but delight in her beauty first.

She may kill me for putting this one up.

Anyways, keep on loving, and keep on brainstorming for this wedding, and for your own one day.

Love, the wedding planner.


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