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Addicted to The Knot

Posted in Uncategorized by fromiwilltoido on October 6, 2009

I joined The Knot last night, as I was struck with wedding planner insomnia. The Knot gives a gigantic month by month checklist.

Apparently, before November 5th, I, along with Erin and Jeremy, need to finalize the guest list, think about how the bride wants her hair, find a caterer, venue and wedding cake/dessert, finish and send out save the dates, find and order the dress, find the bridesmaid dresses, decide on the photographer, finalize invitations, decide on flowers, figure out the rehearsal-dinner site, and book the honeymoon, just to name a few things. (This is less than 1/4 of the checklist, mind you).

My goal is to get the venue finalized this week. Erin (the bride) is on the hunt, I think she just needs a bit more motivation.

This wedding is slightly unique, since both the bride and groom have chosen the vegan lifestyle. We are working to find venues that will allow us to choose our own caterer.

The process has definitely started, but is panning out so far in clouds of brainstorm and creativity.

Photos and ideas to come soon.

Thanks for checking in,

Emily, the stress-case wedding planner.


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